Droppers & pourers

Exact dosing of liquids

We offer you a wide range of different droppers and pourers. We will find the ideal dosing system for your product, tailored to the liquid in question. It should be noted that, due to their special viscosity, liquids with alcohol as a base exhibit a significantly different flow or drip behaviour than, for example, oils. For a combination containing oily preparations, compatibility with the plastic will need to be examined. Our goal is to help you find a dosing system which corresponds to the physical properties of the liquid used.


To help us find the ideal dropper, please send:

  • A sufficient quantity of the original product
  • The desired dosing requirements and the intended bottle sizes
  • The desired closure design

For a single screw thread design, all closure types from our delivery range are compatible with all dosing systems. This property of the closure and dosing systems provides our packaging solutions with maximum flexibility for your requirements.

Universal and horizontal dropper
Vertical dropper

Orientation of bottle at 120–150°

Horizontal dropper inserts are an all-round drip aid for liquid products when no stringent dosing requirements need to be fulfilled. Because each consumer holds the bottle differently (at between 120–150°), deviations in drip volume occur. 


  • Variable application scenarios
  • Consistent drip behaviour
  • Can be used with plant-based products, as any solids present in the liquid do not hinder the drip behaviour

Orientation of bottle = 180°

If exact dosing requirements as specified in the Ph. Eur. need to be fulfilled, the vertical dropper is the best choice. With a max. tolerance of +/- 15% and a uniform drop result, it ensures exact dosage. Depending on your dosing regulations, we offer you over 20 different vertical droppers.


  • Allows for exact dosing (e.g. for strong painkillers)
  • Countable drops
  • Upside-down orientation minimises incorrect dosing
  • Compatible with all closure variants of the GL 18 screw thread

Perfect for applications which do not have to fulfil stringent dosing requirements in accordance with the Ph. Eur. (European Pharmacopoeia).

  • Plant-based products
  • Aromatherapy (essential oils),
  • Homeopathy, plant-based preparations 
  • Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical products

Perfect for applications which need to fulfil stringent dosing requirements in accordance with the Ph. Eur. (European Pharmacopoeia).

For pharmaceutical products, medical products, food supplements, lifestyle and food products


DIN 168/GL 18



DIN 168/GL 18


Universal and horizontal dropper
Vertical dropper
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Combination options


Pourers are used where a simple dosing aid is required. Above all, pourers improve the pouring characteristics and help to avoid the bottle's screw thread being moistened by the contents. We can offer you pourers for various screw thread sizes and requirements. Feel free to contact us. We would be glad to help you find a suitable product combination.

  • clean dosage
  • drip edge allows a clean backflow of product
  • mouth of bottle remains clean and hygienic
  • available for all closure types
  • complete system with closure, pourer and measuring cup available
  • Pourers available in mounted and unmounted versions
  • DIN 168 / GL 18
  • DIN 168 / GL 22
  • DIN 6094-7 / PP 28 S

Can be used with PP 28 glass

Polyethylene LD-PE

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